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The first article on the page is "Evaluating Multi-Agency Anti-Crime Partnerships: Theory, Design and Measurement Issues".
Your project is centered around this mindset as each of you represent one facet of "crime fighting" in the scenario about the VBBC. The police can't do it alone, nor can the courts, nor the corrections world, etc. It does take a team effort to fight crime and as you might imagine. Collaboration does not work very effectively in many locales (politics, lack of effort, turf protection, etc.)
After reading this article provide your response to the following questions:
a. What is the most significant thing you have learned in your review of the article regarding collaborative team work in criminal justice?
b. Why is this significant learning important to your role in the group?
c. How do you plan to use what you've learned in your group collaboration to deal with the VBBC in the role you selected?

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After reviewing the article concerning collaborative teamwork in criminal justice, one of the most significant insights is that coalitions represent only a single approach to social intervention. Therefore, when trying to address a criminal justice issue, it is of central importance to determine whether collaboration is needed or not. This should be achieved by undertaking rigorous impact assessments. Such assessments, according to Rosenbaum (2002), should encompass a blend of strong research designs with counterfactuals and principles of change that accounts for both contextual and partnership variables. A case study framework for coming into terms with the dynamics and external associations of each partnership and a...

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