Choose either "PROGRAMS AT A GLANCE" or "PRACTICES AT A GLANCE" that you see on the homepage of crime solutions. You will notice that the website rates the programs/practices as having NO EFFECTS, PROMISING or EFFECTIVE. Choose 1 "NOT EFFECTS" and 1 "EFFECTIVE" practice or program, conduct an informal "compare/contrast" analysis, then respond to these question:
a. Briefly provide the title and describe your 2 choices from "programs" or "practices" (provide web links to each article).
b. Which one was rated "NO EFFECTS" and why?
c. Which one was rated "EFFECTIVE" and why?
c. What is your overall impression of the crime solutions rating system?
Answer each part of the Discussion Question thoroughly and substantively, citing sources for any assertions.

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For this submission, I have selected to focus on “Programs at a Glance.” The choices of programs I have designated include Brooklyn (NY) Treatment Court and CHOICE. Brooklyn (NY) Treatment Court is a drug court that specializes in offering treatment for substance abuse among misdemeanor and felony drug offenders. The program is classified under three pertinent topics namely courts, crime and prevention, and drugs and substance abuse (Criminal Solutions Gov., 2011). CHOICE represents is a...

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