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This task requires you to apply a critical perspective, theory or concept from the course to a contemporary criminological or justice issue of your choice, and to write a critical, argumentative, academic essay outlining why that approach will enable a better way of understanding and responding to the issue.

You are encouraged to choose an issue related to a field of practice you are interested in pursuing in your future research or career, and the perspective, theory or concept you think is most useful and interesting to apply.

Your essay needs to do the following:

Introduce and explain the criminology/justice issue you are focusing on, and why it is important;
critically examine the dominant way(s) the issue tends to be understood or represented (in academia or media or policy) being sure to critique any assumptions that underpin or limit this dominant approach;

introduce and explain the critical perspective, theory or concept you have chosen;
explain and illustrate how it can be used to change understandings of and responses to the issue;
develop an argument in relation to the merits (benefits) and implications of taking that approach (being cognizant of any limitations too).

Although you must include all these things, do not use these as sections or headings. Your essay must be written as an academic essay: it must have a clear introduction, clear paragraphs and a clear conclusion; it must develop an argument; and it must draw on academic literature (about the issue and the approach) to support your argument.

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These solutions may offer step-by-step problem-solving explanations or good writing examples that include modern styles of formatting and construction of bibliographies out of text citations and references. Students may use these solutions for personal skill-building and practice. Unethical use is strictly forbidden.

Critical Perspective

While there have been a series of dilemmas that have continued to confront the criminal justice system in the 21t century, it appears that racial discrimination, which is the primary focus in this paper, is the most elusive. In a recent report to the United Nations as revealed by Hackett (2018), it was highlighted that substantial racial disparities prevail in every aspect of the U.S. criminal justice, most particularly parole, policing, sentencing, pretrial, and post-prison stages of the system. The report showed that at least 2.2 million individuals have been incarcerated in the country (Hackett, 2018). Of these, 27 percent are African Americans. A major cause of such a disparity is the case of disproportionate level of police contact with the African American community. Besides, it has been reported that people from the minority groups, and the Black Americas to be more précises, are more likely to be stopped and searched. The bias is also well evident in the bail aspect in which it is reported that white defendants often receive better treatment on bail applications (Banks, 2012). In jury selection, it has been described that the names of the potential jurors are drawn from registered voters, property tax rolls, and the Department of Motor Vehicles (Banks, 2012). Unfortunately, racial minorities are less likely to own automobiles, to be registered voters, or own taxable properties. Therefore, the members of the minority communities are usually marginalized when it comes to juror selection process (Banks, 2012). Dealing with the problem of racial discrimination in the criminal justice system is of central importance. This will prevent the American criminal justice system from being viewed as an ineffective example to other global CJS. At the same time, with the problem curbed, it is anticipated that the members of the minority communities in the U.S. will regain their confidence with the system and even appreciate its role in promoting law and order. This paper takes the standpoint that the critical race theory provides a more believable account of the occurrence of the racial...

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