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Using either the survey or interview data from the course research project, write a report on the purpose, rationale for the study, methodology, results, discussion of the results in relation to the literature and conclusions.

Your research report must include the following sections:

Clear statement of your research problem, and the aim and scope of the project
Rationale for your research topic (that is, explain why this topic is important)
Brief overview of what is covered in the rest of the report

Literature Review:
Situate your topic in a field of research
Describe your literature search strategy including search terms used, and inclusion and exclusion criteria (be specific about what boundaries you set)
Analyse rather than summarise existing research
The literature review must analyse a minimum of 8 scholarly, peer-reviewed articles

Describe your research design including methodology, design framework and data collection methods. Provide a justification for these methods.
Explain how you will analyse the data and verify your findings
Describe the strengths and limitations of your chosen methods and how you have attempted to limit the weaknesses you have identified

Analyse the results of either the survey or interview data from the course research project

Develop conclusions about the results of your analysis
Discuss the implications of the findings with reference to the literature
Provide recommendations for future research

Reference List:
APA referencing

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The issue of the public opinion towards criminal justice and crime has become the main focus of the recent studies, whereby, numerous studies have been conducted with the aim of investigating the attitudes of members of the public towards the concept of crime and criminology. The literature review evaluates some of the recent studies that have tried to examine the university students’ attitudes toward criminal justice and crime.

Inclusion/exclusion criteria were used to select the studies to be included in this literature review. Based on the inclusion criteria, all the articles used were those published not earlier than 2011. Any article published before 2011 was excluded from the study. The criteria also included only the peer-reviewed articles and books. The review also included all the studies evaluating the university and college students with a slight exception to the studies investigating the attitudes of the general public in a specific location. All the studies were to be published in English while excluding those published in other languages. The search terms include criminal justice, criminology, and students' attitudes towards crimes, criminal laws, human trafficking laws, offenders' punishments and media effect on students' attitudes towards crime and criminology....

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