For this next discussion we will be visiting chapter four of the co...

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For this next discussion we will be visiting chapter four of the coursebook on CRIMINAL LAW.
When we speak of law or laws, we do so in a manner to define or specify the nature of and punishments for offenses or wrong doings against a person or society. When one does violate the criminal law, the violation will generally fall under one of the SIX (6) general categories of crime.

Your task for this discussion is to:
1.) list the SIX categories of criminal law violation and provide a short description of each.
2.) Rank the categories in terms of seriousness.
3.) Of those categories, there is one that is defined as the "most serious." Search the internet for a case/trial (1980-present) where someone was charged and/or convicted of that most serious type of crime. Provide a LINK to the information along with a short description of that case/trial, and give your opinion on whether or not you agree with the courts decision.

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The six categories of criminal law violations are felony crimes, misdemeanor crimes, treason, espionage, offenses, and inchoate offenses (Schmalleger, 2016). Felony refers to a criminal offense often punishable by incarceration in a prison facility for one year or more. The offense is also punishable by death. A misdemeanor is an offense usually punishable by incarceration, mainly in a local confinement facility. The statute in a specified jurisdiction specifies the upper limit of the incarceration period (Schmalleger, 2016). Typically, the incarceration time does not exceed one year.
The offense is the violation of criminal...

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