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This discussion will focus on analyzing the issues surrounding technologies that are developed faster than legal standards governing those technologies, as well as the ethical issues involving law enforcement’s use or non-use of emerging technologies. Using a minimum of three scholarly sources, identify one example of a technology used by law enforcement, where the technology is currently outpacing legal guidelines. Cite your sources; describe the law and how you would address the issue.

Create a three-paragraph initial post of a minimum of 250 words in length. Your first paragraph will be a short analysis of the specific issue, the second paragraph should provide specific examples of how the use of that technology has outpaced the law, and your third paragraph will suggest a meaningful remedy to address the disconnect. It is not sufficient simply to suggest the passing of a law; you must provide details on the verbiage and content of the law and explain how it would remediate the issue. Support your claims with examples from required material(s) and/or other scholarly sources.

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Week 3 Discussion

Social media represents a good example of a novel technology used by the law enforcement officers to facilitate their operations. According to Jones (2017), the growing social media prominence has opened up a fundamentally novel avenue for the police department to access intelligence from offenders and potential criminals who use the sites. Mateescu et al...

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