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Part I

-What could be done to improve police acceptance in the lowest income communities?
-What range of dispositions is available to judges in the disposition hearings?

Part II
Explain your personal experienced contact with a police officer(s) or a friend/family member. For example, traffic tickets, alcohol or drug queries, or other "events". Discuss the nature of those contacts, the attitudes and behaviors of the police, and whether you "got off" because you displayed an emotionally distraught behavior. What were the attitudes and feelings after that contact and how do you evaluate those experiences.

Part III
Discuss the intake process and the different outcomes possible for juveniles processed through the intake process in one page or greater.

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Justice System and Policing
1. What could be done to improve police acceptance in the lowest income communities?

The first approach to improve the acceptance of police in the lowest income communities is to engage the local people in planning and oversight. The police can partner with the local community and work together to create plans to promote safety and trust (La Vigne, Fontaine, & Dwivedi, 2017). When the local community is involved in fighting crime, the people are more likely to trust the police. Trust is integral in improving police acceptance in the community (La Vigne, 2017). The collaboration of the police and the lowest income communities would care about positive perceptions of law enforcement agents. The people would perceive the police as trustworthy and dependable, hence improving their acceptance.

Community-oriented policing is the second approach applicable to improving police acceptance in the lowest income communities. Community-oriented policing approach is based on positive nonenforcement collaboration with the local communities to enhance public trust and...

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