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In this assignment you will focus on how our social structure, our societal structure, might correlate with one's likelihood of criminal behavior. Address the following questions in your writing. Be prepared to write a minimum of 3 pages. These are not short answer questions.

1. How does sociological positivism differ from biological or psychological positivism?
2. Can you think of modern examples of Durkheim's image of mechanical societies? Do you think such societies have more or less crime than modern organic societies?
3. Give your thoughts on what might happen to our society as many jobs disappear due to robots performing more and more work
4. What type of adaptation to strain do you think fits you most? Least?
5. What do you think about Ferracuti and Wolfgang's cultural theory? Are there subcultures of violence where one must embrace criminal values in order to live in that subculture?

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One way of understanding the association between the social structure, societal structure, and the occurrence of criminal behavior is by differentiating the three subdivisions of positivism, namely, biological, psychological, and social positivism. Unlike the rest of the theories, social positivism often hold out that socioeconomic quandaries, including literacy, poverty, and subcultural affiliations, can predispose a person to crime-oriented life. In stark contrast, the psychological positivism purport that a person engages in criminal acts motivated by psychological dynamics and such include extraversion and neuroticism. The biological positivism links criminal behaviors to mental or physical attributes.
Advocated by Cesare Lombroso, the biological positivism holds out that criminals possess a primitive or degenerative nature, which then amplifies criminal behavior. Even though each of these positivism models helps to explain the factors motivating crime, social positivism performs better in linking the social structure and offending. This is so as it focuses more on the various issues that make up the social/societal structure. While this is the case, social positivism is not a stand-alone theory in explaining social structure and crimes. Instead, a person has to integrate the rest positivist...

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