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As you review the required readings for this week, you will notice there are many arguments for and against the idea of pre-conviction DNA collection. Drawing on the readings and additional research, this discussion asks you to evaluate these arguments and formulate a position on the topic of pre-conviction DNA collection. Although you may be inclined toward one position, being able to debate your position involves awareness of the opposing positions. In this debate-style discussion, you may have heated arguments and everyone’s commitment to netiquette and mutual respect is expected. Therefore, if you adamantly oppose the position formulated by a peer, remember to support your opposition using the sources you consulted to ensure your opposition represents an informed opinion.

Using the required readings for this week and two additional scholarly sources, examine the legal and ethical issues related to the pre-conviction collection and storage of DNA. Provide at least one argument in support of each side of the controversy. After considering both sides of the issue, clearly state your position and rationale. Consider the following issues as you formulate your position:

-Is it ethical to collect DNA prior to conviction?
-Should law enforcement be allowed to run comparisons to pre-conviction DNA?
-How does the identification of other crimes the suspect may be involved in, based on pre-conviction DNA, weigh into this issue?
-If a suspect for an unsolved crime is identified from pre-conviction DNA, should law enforcement be allowed to pursue it, if the subject is not convicted on the charge the DNA was collected following?

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Week 2 discussion

A fundamental argument for pre-conviction DNA collection is that the practice is not ethical or legal. As reported by Berson (2009), the conduct is associated with privacy issues in which the agencies responsible for collecting pre-conviction DNA have used the information in a...

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