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Watch the documentaries AMERICAN GANGS: How It All Began., Part 1& 2 and author a brief one page or greater paper critically analyzing how the youth/adult gangs have changed throughout the years.
Please provide an overview of the outlined time periods listed below:
What explains the popularity of drug use in the United States?
400 words
For this assignment:
Describe in two paragraphs the different toxic effects of gangs on the community and the school.
For this assignment:
Think back to your days in junior high and high school. What are your best recollections of the amount of drug use by students in school (include alcohol), why students id it, and the effect of the drugs? Which drug categories noted in the text did the various students fall into? Respond in one page or greater.

What are the benefits of various technologies? What are their disadvantages? Which technologies do you believe are the most acceptable? Bullying has become a bigger issue today, what do you think has caused this? What can be done to prevent it?
400 words
For this assignment:
Write a paragraph or two that reviews the empirical evidence as to which programs do and do not work.

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The youth and adult gangs in the United States (US) have changed throughout the years. The gangs have transformed from simple crimes to homicides, robberies with violence, and gun violence.The emergence of gangs in the US was influenced by migration patterns and poverty (Howell & Moore, 2010). The need for economic development has attributed to the changes in youth and adult gangs in the US.
In between the 1920s-1940s several gangs had grown, majorly composed of immigrants. In the early 1930s, most of the immigrant-dominant street gangs had declined (The Intercity, 2015a). In between the 1940s-1950s the Vice Lords ruled the streets of Chicago. Racial tension was witnessed in Chicago when the Vice Lords, the police, and other gangs engaged in violence. The period is characterized by Black-on-Black violence originating from powerlessness during a period of racist oppression. In 1957, street gangs came together to fight the system instead of killing each other (The Intercity, 2015b). In the 1960s, the street bangers in Chicago collaborated to clean the street and reduce crime and violence. In 1967, the Vice Loads changed its name to the Vice Lords Incorporated. The Conservative Vice Lords created a strongly independent and socially conscious community for both the South and West sides to resist against the Chicago Police Department. The collaboration resulted in the formation of civil institutions, community currency exchanges, and clothing stores for African Americans (The Intercity, 2015b).
In 1969, gang...

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