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Your lab report should display critical thinking as well as demonstrate a grasp of how the information in this week’s class builds on previous class materials. Your report must address the following elements:

Explain how to process and retrieve trace evidence involving firearms.
Evaluate accepted methodologies employed in contemporary crime scene management relative to firearms.
Analyze commonly accepted forensic techniques and contemporary specialized techniques available for crimes involving firearms.
Examine judicial expectations and requirements relative to the admittance of evidence collected by forensic crime scene investigators involving firearms.

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Firearms and Ballistic Evidence Laboratory Activity Report
Collecting firearms and ballistic evidence is crucial to the administration of proper justice. While this is the case, the forensic scientists must apply the standard processes, methodologies, and techniques to ensure that the evidence collected is meaningful. The failure to do this might jeopardize the admissibility of the evidence in a court of law easily and this prevents the ability of the investigators to solve crimes. This paper will attempt to elucidate on the best practices surrounding the collection and analysis of firearms and ballistic evidence.
Experiment 1: Bullet Trajectory Analysis
The bullet hole minor and major axes were 12 and 13 millimeters respectively. To define the angle of the bullet impact in degree, the following formula applies; Sin 0 = Minor axis/Major axis. Thus, Sin 0 = 12m/13mm = 0.92. The next plan of action was to find the value of 0, which was achieved by finding the inverse sin of 0.92. Therefore, the value of 0 was calculated at 66.93 degrees. When rounding off, the angle of bullet impact became 67 degrees...

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