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Safety Considerations at Crime Scenes: Meth Labs


The police have received an urgent 911 call to respond to a home in an upscale neighborhood where a man was shot and is believed to be deceased. Police first-responders arrived on the scene and entered the home where they, in fact, found a deceased man. As they moved through the home to be sure that no one else was injured, and that the perpetrator was no longer on the premises, they found materials used to manufacture methamphetamine. These materials included chemicals and containers, syringes, and empty boxes of pseudoephedrine. Consequently, at this scene, there was a death investigation and a drug lab investigation. Considering what you know about crime scene investigation based on your readings and research, write a three-to-four page paper in which you address the items listed below and support your responses with credible sources:

Examine the first thing the police officers should do when discovering a methamphetamine lab along with its importance.

Analyze the inherent risks at a methamphetamine laboratory crime scene investigation.

Evaluate the universal safety precautions that should be taken in this scenario.

Analyze commonly accepted forensic and contemporary specialized techniques.

Consider the following questions when composing your response: What is the level of personal protective equipment that you would recommend at this scene? Why do you think your recommendation is appropriate?

Identify what, if any, specialized personnel could/should be involved in processing this particular crime scene and evaluate the value to the investigation.

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Safety Considerations at Crime Scenes: Meth Labs

The first thing to do after discovering a methamphetamine lab and the essence of the effort

After discovering a methamphetamine lab, Minnesota Department of Health (2017) claims that, the foremost thing that law enforcement officers must accomplish is to remove all persons in the immediate area to a safe location. Minnesota Department of Health (2017) indicates further that the officer might evacuate the entire neighborhood, but this largely depends on the size of the lab along with the level of toxic chemicals emitted. It is important to note that the fumes emitted by the meth lab have the potential to permeate through walls, drapery, carpet, and between numerous apartments (Girard (2011). Hence, evacuating the entire neighborhood might be a priority by the first responders. Besides, the officers should not continue exposing themselves to the lab. Instead, they should as well move away from the location. The most common reason for this is to preserve the crime scene evidence or to ensure that the substantiation is not contaminated....

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