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week 3 assignment

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read the required chapters in the text and the required articles and view the required videos, which will provide you with an understanding of the Wayne Williams/Atlanta Child Murders case and the primary theories of physical evidence from crime scenes. As a foundation for your laboratories and assignments in Weeks One through Five and your Final Project, conduct a literature review regarding the physical evidentiary issues surrounding the Wayne Williams case, the significance of these cases on the admissibility of forensic evidence—particularly trace evidence in the Williams case, and in subsequent legal proceedings.

The sources you identified through the Annotated Bibliography in Week Two will be used to build the literature review this week and to further to support the Final Project in Week Six. The sources should support the following:

Provide a concise description of how each source contributes to the Wayne Williams/Atlanta Child Murders and current evidentiary issues.

Evaluate the scientific techniques used in processing evidence in the Wayne Williams/Atlanta Child Murder case.

Examine the ethical issues and articulates significance on the admissibility of forensic evidence, particularly trace evidence in the Wayne Williams/Atlanta Child Murders case in subsequent legal proceedings.

Compare and contrast evidence collection and processing methods at the time of the Wayne Williams/Atlanta Child Murders and current collection and processing methods.
The Literature Review must include the following elements:

Use the 10 sources identified in your Annotated Bibliography from Week Two, in addition to the course text and other required sources.

Due to the nature of the assignments, your original search may include reliable sources, including reliable media, to enable you to identify areas for further scholarly research. For example, numerous media publications, including The New York Times and The Christian Science Monitor, reported that Texas mother Andrea Yates was reportedly suffering from postpartum psychosis when she drowned her five children. The scholarly source would then focus on the postpartum psychosis diagnosis.

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Week 3 Assignment: Literature Review

The much-publicized Wayne Williams case is a major point of interest among a growing number of researchers and scholars. Since the investigations on the Atlanta murders began in 1981, evidence attributes Williams as the primary culprit. In this report, which takes the form of a literature review, two fundamental themes are covered. The first concerns the physical evidentiary issues surrounding the Wayne Williams case. The second theme relates to the significance of the trace evidence in the case on the admissibility of forensic science as well as in the subsequent legal proceedings. The key focus of the literature review is on the points of agreements and contradictions in the prevailing body of knowledge that cover the phenomena under question.

The physical evidentiary issues surrounding the Wayne Williams case
Most of the scholarly commentators agree on the nature of evidence found on the crime scenes, which linked Williams to the murders. As such, the scholars and researchers contend that trace evidence was the most prevalent substantiation. For instance, Alliance Forensic Laboratory Inc. (n.d.) claims that each of the victims of the Atlanta serial murderer had one or more matching hairs on them, which in turn implied that the same person murdered them. The FBI (2014) resonates with this view by claiming that hair that matched Williams was traceable in each crime scene. While this is the case, Alliance Forensic Laboratory Inc. (n.d.) provides even further details concerning the treatment of hair evidence. The agency presents that the forensic...

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