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Write a research paper.

You will be required to research a correctional facility of your choice (Orange County Jail). Preferably a local correctional facility such as your local jail or state prison facility, but you could also use federal correctional facilities. In addition you could to your project on a historical correctional facility that may not be operating anymore. Your paper should include facts such as facility size, budget, population demographics and any other interesting facts about the facility such as notable escapes

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Orange County Jail

Orange County is the fifth-most populous county of Florida, in the United States of America according to the 2010 census report. The county government works towards offering reliable protection to its citizens and visitors with honesty, integrity, professionalism, and fairness (Orange County Government, Florida, 2018b). The county’s well-structured and managed prison system acts as a key towards attaining this goal. Being one of the leading jails within the county, Orange County jail (OCJ) has been at the center of ensuring that the citizens of Orange County and the State of Florida at large are well-protected and there is justice for everyone regardless of their backgrounds. This research paper provides varying facts regarding the jail and how it operates.

The OCJ is located in Orlando City in Florida along South John Young pack way. The jail is managed by the Orange County...

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