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The assignment structure requires you to clearly include and separately identify the following:
3 main points of the assigned reading accompanied by a short description (i.e., 3 separate paragraphs)
3 major empirical research studies discussed in the assigned reading that support the main points with a short description (i.e., 3 separate paragraphs)
2 key concepts or new terms discussed in the assigned reading with short definition. (i.e., 2 separate paragraphs)
2 proposed actions to be taken that are discussed in the assigned readings with a short description (i.e., 2 separate paragraphs)

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Forensic DNA Typing: Article Analysis
The paper discusses “Forensic DNA Typing," authored by Erin Murphy. Murphy authored the article in 2018 and published it in the Annual Review of Criminology journal. The author usually conducts research that focuses on forensic and technical evidence in the criminal justice system.
Three main points
According to Murphy (2018), scientific issues have continued to mar forensic DNA typing. Unlike the common belief, scientists do not create every DNA test equally. Instead, numerous discrepancies prevail. For example, sharp differences between approaches for testing known samples derived in controlled settings and testing samples of undetermined origin drawn from crime scenes prevail. Another core scientific discrepancy is that different forms of DNA tests exist. The nature of tests scientists use in forensic evaluation usually manifest pronounced differences with tests performed in a medical or clinical context. These differences especially relate to the analysis mechanics and the aims of the evaluations. Further, the coming together of quality challenges associated with forensic samples, and the distinctive goals of forensic analysis, appear to...

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