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1. In your opinion, what is the purpose of law? Why does a society needs laws?
2. Most business managers know that they need to consult a lawyer when they are making an important business decision. This being the case, why would a manager or entrepreneur need to have any knowledge of business law? Couldn't they just ask a lawyer?
3. What is the relationship between business behavior that is legal and business decisions that are ethical?
4. Is an unethical business decision necessarily illegal? Explain and provide an example.

1. Have states gone too far in banning smoking?
2. Whose interests are state legislatures looking out for in banning smoking?

As hiring coordinator for Hennessey Networking Solutions, Inc., (Hennessey) Andrea Templeton knew that her position was of utmost importance to her company in terms of hiring candidates who were well-qualified, and who would best contribute to the company’s overall success. On her desk was the employment application and resume of Timothy Carraway. Andrea had just finished her interview of Timothy, who was the last in a long line of interviewees who had applied for an entry-level information technology (IT) position at Hennessey. Hennessey only had one (1) opening available. During Timothy’s interview, the candidate revealed that seven (7) years ago, he had been tried and convicted in federal court for selling a significant amount of cocaine. Timothy had also revealed the conviction on his employment application. Timothy went to great lengths to explain to Andrea that he sincerely regretted the indiscretions of his youth, and that he had spent the last seven (7) years of his life “paying penance,” and reforming his life. After serving three (3) years in federal penitentiary, Timothy had earned his bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, graduating with honors.

Timothy’s interview had gone very well. In fact, Andrea felt that in terms of his personality and education, he was the best “fit” for the position. Andrea was obviously concerned about Timothy’s criminal background, but she was also concerned about the young man should he not find an employment opportunity after graduating from college. Without a legitimate employment option, would Timothy revert back to his “criminal ways?

1. Does Andrea Templeton and Hennessey Networking Solutions, Inc. have an ethical obligation to hire Timothy Carraway?
2. Should Andrea’s “hire” decision be based exclusively on Timothy’s qualifications for the job? Why or why not?

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Business Law

The purpose of the law is to ensure order in society. Law offers a legal framework and rules applied in society to resolve disputes (Herron et al., 2015). Thus, the law serves as an alternative to physical fighting and encourages social justice.

The society needs laws to ensure the governance of the people and to resolve differences between people. Without the law, the number of crimes and serious offenses would be high. Without Federal regulations, businesses would not be able to transact businesses effectively with their partners. Laws are useful in ensuring and maintaining order in societies (Herron et al., 2015). Society needs laws because their absence would result in a lawless society full of chaos and misunderstanding....

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