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Week Activity 5 1. For each of the following, indicate the medulla pattern present and if it is human or animal. Explain in detail how you know this 2. For each of the following, indicate the medulla pattern present and if is human or animal If they are animal patterns, explain which animal it is. Explain in detail how you know this. 3. The following diagram shows known mixture if barbiturates Based on the diagram, answer the questions Explain your answers in detail. a Which one had the longest retention times? b. Which onehad the shortest retention time? c. What is the approximate retention time of amobarbital? Amobarbital Butabarbital Pentobarbital Secobarbital Phenobarbital 10 11 12 (b) TIME (MINUTES) 4. The followingi description of four individuals who have been drinking Rank them from the highest to the lowest blood alcohol concentration Explain in detail how you came to this decision a John weighs 200 1b and has consumed four 8 oz drinks on a full stomach b. Frank weighs 170 1b and has consumed four B-ounces drinks on empty stomach c. Gary weighs 24011 and has consumed six --ounces drinks ona empty stomach d. Stephen weighs 180 1b and has consumed six 8-ounces drinks on full stomach Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in America. Should marijuana be legalized? Support your opinion.

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Question 1.
The legalization of marijuana should be enacted to allow legal use of the herb. Marijuana is used for medicinal purposes. Evidence suggests that marijuana can reduce pain, especially among patients with chronic diseases, such as cancer (Weber, 2016). According to Weber, notwithstanding the negative effects of marijuana, the federal government should legalize it for recreational and medicinal purposes. The legalization of marijuana should, however, entail awareness creation to reduce the abuse of the drug. Mental and physical stress can be reduced using marijuana and its by-products, such as cannabidiol oil (Weber, 2016). The medicinal value is essential, given the increasing number of people with chronic diseases in the United States.

Legalizing marijuana can reduce drug-related crimes. Also, legalized marijuana can promote the safe use of the substance and prevent any possible drug abuse. Legalizing marijuana can also enhance appropriate taxation, create employment, and market place required for creative enterprise (Weber, 2016). Therefore, rather than arresting marijuana users, the federal...

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