The backlog in criminal court systems around the country is a topic that has been discussed in Justice courses and Criminal Justice circles for decades.
Fortunately, you now have an opportunity to personally address the backlog problem, as you were recently hired to be a Special Assistant to the District Attorney of the City of Philadelphia, Seth Williams.
As the District Attorney's Special Assistant, you have been instructed to come up with a four point plan on how the city can cutback on the current backlog in the Philadelphia court system, keeping in mind that the city is having financial problems and does not have a lot of money to spend.

Please use this format when submitting your plan:

There are four points to my plan for cutting back and eradicating the current backlog in the Philadelphia criminal court system: 1. (Your first point), 2 (Your second point), etc...

Each paragraph should then address each of your respective points...

In addition, you must use at least two outside sources

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There are four points to my plan for cutting back and eradicating the current backlog in the Philadelphia criminal court system:

1. All judges at the end of their mandate should present a report of their activity during the mandate. The report should definitely include the number of settled cases and of cases that are in the backlog. (Dehouss, 2012) After the report, their renewal should be connected to the number of backlog cases. An average number should be created on how much cases that are in the backlog are acceptable. Any judge that has the number of backlog cases higher than 10% of the average should not be appointed for another mandate. This should be created and implemented by a committee formed from the representatives of the City Government and notable and highly respected judges....
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