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A. On July 2, an internist finished his shift at a Veterans Administration hospital and went to the hospital parking lot to find that his Triumph TR4A was missing. He called the local police, but they refused to come, saying that because the theft occurred on federal property, it was the FBI's problem. The doctor called the FBI, which first said it would not investigate a car theft unless the car was transported out of the state. The doctor's insurance company finally convinced the FBI to investigate the theft, which it did. Two days later, local police in a town 529 miles away discovered the TR4A abandoned in the parking lot at a racetrack. Because the car had been hot-wired, they assumed it was stolen and made inquiries to the state DMV about its ownership. The car was towed to a local storage garage. When it was learned who owned the TR4A, local police contacted the police in the doctor's city.
Because that police department had no record of a stolen TR4A, officers there assumed that the message was in error. It was a holiday weekend, they were busy and the matter was dropped. Eight months later, the storage garage called the doctor to ask him when he was coming to get his car.
1. What mistakes were made in this incident?
2. Who is primarily to blame for the eight-month delay in returning the car to the owner?

A. Mary Jones, 18-year-old Thomas high school quarrelled with her boyfriend,
in the evening Thomas. Mary At 3 AM following the evening of their quarrel, Mary went to her home to return his picture. Tom stated that after receiving the picture, he went to his room, went to sleep and awoke at about 8 o'clock. When he looked out of the window, he saw Mary's car outside.
Looking through the window he discovered Mary sitting erect behind the steering wheel, shot through the chest.
Looking into the car, he discovered Mary sitting, a .22 revolver lying beside her on the front seat. She was dead-apparently a suicide. The revolver had been a gift to Mary from her father. Tom called the police to report the shooting.
Mary had been shot once. The bullet entered just be- low the right breast, travelled across the front of her body and lodged near her heart. The medical examiner theorized that she did not die immediately. When found, she was sitting upright in the car, her head tilted slightly backwards, her right hand high on the steering wheel, her left hand hanging limp at her left side.
When questioned, Tom steadfastly denied any knowledge of the shooting. Mary's clothing, the bullet from her body and the gun were sent to the FBI laboratory for examination. An examination of her blouse where the bullet entered failed to reveal any powder residues. The bullet removed from her body was identified as having been fired from the gun found beside her body.
1. Is the shooting likely to be a suicide or a homicide? What facts support this?
2. How should the investigation proceed?

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At first, the local police made a mistake because they said that they will not come as the crime happened on the federal property. The local police are obligated to initiate a preliminary investigation, and then notify the FBI if there is chance that the vehicle will leave the state. The jurisdiction is not about the property on which the alleged crime has happened, it is about is the crime an interstate...

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