Chapter 1 tells us that the way in which security developed in the U.S. actually mirrors the transformation of the U.S. from a small colony of England to a global power (p. 3).
Summarize (in your own words) and in some detail, how the text describes the history, development and evolution of private security operations in the United States. Be sure to include colonial times, the 19th century, during and after the 2nd world war, and the 1960s.

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During colonial period the most notable private security operations were taken and implemented by watchmen. Watchmen were composed of paid personnel and volunteers whose main task was to alarm the dwellers of colonial cities about fires or attacks by Native Americans. In the late colonial period, cities grew in population so the watchmen system developed into paid police, initially established by the rich elite to protect and serve their own interests i.e. to protect the lives and property of the business and political elite from the underprivileged workers...
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