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Read the article Who is liable now which has to do with the potential liability of security agencies and personnel. Answer the following questions, using pertinent information from the article to support your answers.
1. Based upon the information found in this article (especially the info regarding the 'Parking Peril' and 'Mall Mayhem' cases), in your opinion (and backed up by information in this article) is the security company mentioned in the opening scenario, at the sports stadium, legally liable for the injuries sustained by Mr Smith? Support your answer by including at least 3 pieces of information mentioned in the article related to legal liability.
2. Also, based upon information in this article, summarize how a security agency can avoid legal liability in similar circumstances (such as security at a stadium, a mall, and a business).
Be sure to mention the article as a source, use quotes when needed and number your answers.

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The security company mentioned in the article can’t be held liable for the injuries sustained by Mr. Smith. The company that provided the guard services to the sports stadiums had no post orders on which it could react in the situation where Mr Smith was attacked. Mr Smith was definitely not a third-party beneficiary as the contract was strictly between...
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