Define some of the general functions of security operations, particularly in regard to protecting assets. Include pertinent text detail for complete answers (be sure to mention the text, include page numbers, and number your answers).
Describe how both perimeter security and internal access controls are available and are used in the protection of assets.

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When it comes to the issue of protecting assets of an institution, company or any other organization, people have developed various ways of securing their most valuable possessions. The most prominent ways of protecting assets are perimeter security and internal access control.
Perimeter security has been used from ancient civilizations to medieval rulers and even to modern times. Fortified walls, castles and trenches that have protected feudal monarchs in Medieval Europe are one of the examples of perimeter security. (p. 66) Total protection of valuable assets, that is perimeter security, was also used in totalitarian societies throughout history in order to protect the society from “foreigners...
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