Read about Sexual harassment.
Then answer:
7. Decide whether the following situations constitute sexual harassment:
a. Bill Jones tells a series of dirty jokes to a group of male officers in the squad area one morning. Debbie Long, a new officer, walks in and blushes after hearing some of his stories.
b. Fred Ray, a supervisor, likes to touch the shoulders of all his employees while he is giving instructions. The female officers walk into the manager's office one day and demand that Fred be removed.
c. Maxine Reynolds, an officer with twelve years of experience, is attracted to Joe Williams, who
has been transferred to her shift. Maxine asks Joe out for a date, but he says no and adds that he is a married man. He then goes to the human resource office and files a complaint against Maxine.
d. During an emergency first aid training session, Lou Jones, a five-year officer, places the CPR dummies into sexually provocative positions. He takes some masking tape and writes the name of Mary Joan White and sticks it to the dummy. Mary Joan walks into the room, and the students erupt in laughter.
For each situation (A thru D), make sure you include the specific reasons (from the text) to support your decision.

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a) According to the first statement, Bill Jones is overheard telling a series of dirty jokes in the squad area. About the sexual harassment acts given by the college, a person is not supposed to make any sexual jokes about either men or women (P.172). It is explicitly stated that such jokes are not condoned on the college grounds...
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