1. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of an unwritten constituion
2. Consider the view that the united kingdom needs a new constituion for a new century
3. Critically evaluate A.V. Dicey's exposition of the 'rule of law' and its continuing relevance today
4 To what extent is it approriate to describe the United Kingdom as possessing a 'political constitution'?
5 Compare and contrast, with the examples, the expressions "constitutional law"and "constitutional conventions" as applicable to the United Kingdom?

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A constitution is a set of agreed principles and rules which state the structure and powers of a government and the relationship between the governor and the governed . Unwritten Constitution as per the Merriam Webster dictionary is a Constitution not embodied in a single document but based chiefly on custom and precedent as expressed in statutes and judicial decisions. That is, an Unwritten Constitution evolves through many years of tradition, legal arguments and local customs. This reflects the history of the country.
One of the main advantages of an unwritten constitution is that it combines the flexibility of political response with finality of authority. Flexibility and ability to change are the attractive components in this type. There can be far reaching changes without the need to squander resources in protracted disputes over formal constitutional amendments or tests of constitutionality . Fundamental changes will be sooner registered under unwritten constitution. One of the major disadvantages in an unwritten constitution is nothing is permanent; everything can change with one single precedent. For example, in UK, the House of Lords reaffirmed the principle of the supremacy of Parliament in Pickin v BRB (1974 AC 765) but a few years later, had to moderate it to take account of membership of the European Community in Factortame (No.2) (1991 1 AC 603) .
As there is no single approved text of Constitutional law, countries which practise on unwritten constitution would face in certain situations...
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