Legal Regulation of the Media in Ireland (1110 words)

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The legal environment in which the media operates can aid those who work within the media to carry out their job more effectively. However, it can also operate to restrict the media and prevent them from bringing certain information to the attention of the public.
Critically discuss this statement with reference to legal regulation of the media in Ireland. Please.Please refer to relevant case-law,legislation and academic commentary in your answer.
Word count 1,000-1,500.

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The intent of this research paper is to report on the legal environment in which the media operates, and can aid in those who work within the media to carry out their job effectively. This research paper will address the laws and media regulations to protect the public and the media without compromising or breaching the privacy and legal rights of the public, and its officials.
This research paper will conclude in the understanding and legal rights of both parties, which is the media and the public in Ireland. In accordance with the constitutional right to privacy in Ireland, which Article 40.3 of the Irish Constitution and its governing rights to respect the person(s) privacy, freedom and liberty, which is pursuant to Article 40.6.1(i) of the Constitution. The European Convention on Human Rights under Article 10, expressed the “Freedom of Expression,” which is guaranteed to morality and public...
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