In a few paragraphs, compare generally how business is operated differently in the U.S. versus internationally, including in your explanation the issues of (1) dispute resolution (courts and arbitration), (2) regulation of business operations, and (3) differences in business law such as contracts.

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Compare generally how business is operated differently in the U.S. versus internationally
Dispute resolution (courts and arbitration)
Business persons who engage in dispute resolution (courts and arbitrations) in both the United States and internationally, normally take special precautions to protect themselves in the event that a party with whom they are dealing in another country breaches an agreement. Often, parties to international contracts include special clauses in their contracts that provide for how disputes arising under the contracts for which to be resolved.
The United States resolve disputes and resolutions in both the court and outside of the court. The court system in the United States refers parties to a court mediator and/or arbitrator...
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