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Question 1
Which type of natural disaster typically can affect nearly every area of the United States?
A. Wildfires
B. Floods
C. Hurricanes
D. Tornadoes
Question 2
In regards to why individuals engage in terrorism, which person studied the idea of relative deprivation?
A. Drake
B. Bueno de Mesquita
C. Enders and Sandler
D. Ted Robert Gurr
Question 3
Terrorism dates back to roughly what time period?
A. 1700s
B. 1900s
C. Medieval times
D. Very early A.D.
Question 4
True or False? Terrorist attacks occur about as often as natural disasters in the United States.
Question 5
Which of the following is not typically considered to be a type of terrorism?
A. Left-wing/Right-wing
B. Religious
C. Single-issue
D. Group
Question 6
Most terror-related legislation shortly after 9-11 took on what kind of tone?
A. Stay the course
B. Prosecutorial
C. Multi-national
D. Preventative
Question 7
Which of the following would not be considered part of the "Bush Doctrine?"
A. Preemptive force
B. Unilateral use of force
C. Making the world better
D. Bilateral use of force
Question 8
True or False? Anti-terrorism is a set of defensive measures used to reduce the vulnerability of individuals and property to terrorist acts.
Question 9
Which agency or department heads up domestic counter-terrorism?
Question 10
Prior to 9-11, most U.S. counterterrorism resources were dedicated to what?
A. Right- and left-wing extremists
B. Airline safety
C. Weapons of Mass Destruction
D. Foreign targets
Question 11
Which weapon is generally the most conventional?
A. Anthrax
B. Fertilizer bomb
C. Dirty bomb
D. Nuclear
Question 12
Which natural disaster can occur at any moment, without notice?
A. Thunderstorms
B. Hurricanes
C. Wildfires
D. Earthquakes
Question 13
Which of the following is a pathogen?
A. Anthrax
B. Ricin
C. Botulinum
D. All of the Above
Question 14
True or False? Natural disasters, while tragic, are not considered to be a threat to homeland security.
Question 15
True or False? Ricin and botulinum are examples of biological pathogens.
Question 16
Which entity is the only federally chartered training center for weapons of mass destruction?
A. Nevada Test Site's Counter-Terrorism Operations Support Program
B. Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center
C. Center for Domestic Preparedness
D. National Disaster Preparedness Training Center
Question 17
The American Red Cross is an example of this type of group that may assist in responding to an emergency?
A. Volunteer
B. Federal
C. Command and Control
D. State
Question 18
True or False? The CDC provides information on its website on how to prepare for a zombie attack.
Question 19
True or False? FEMA created a Mitigation Directorate to aid in protecting lives and preventing loss of property.
Question 20
In general, recovery efforts can take up to how long, depending on the level of disaster and the damage experienced by a region?
A. Years
B. 75 days
C. Weeks
D. Months
Question 21
Which staff member in an Incident Command System interacts with the public and media?
A. Logistics section chief
B. Liaison Officer
C. Public Information Officer
D. Planning section chief
Question 22
In NIMS, incidents by and large begin and end at what level?
A. Local
B. State
C. Federal
D. Regional
Question 23
True or False? Accountability tasks in the ICS are handled through the Unified Command.
Question 24
Which ICS management characteristic provides a concise, coherent means of capturing and communicating the overall incident priorities, objectives, strategies, and tactics?
A. Incident Action Planning
B. Integrated Communications
C. Modular Organization
D. Management by Objectives
Question 25
True or False? The Incident Command System (ICS) is only used by state and federal levels of government when called upon.
Question 26
Which Department of Homeland Security division is not a focus of HSARPA efforts?
A. Explosives Division
B. Borders and Maritime Security Division
C. Automotive and Bus Security Division
D. Human Factors and Behavioral Sciences Division
Question 27
What type of attack was Operation Aurora?
A. Malware attack against private companies
B. Boumediene v. Bush
C. Malware attack against department of defense systems
D. Cyber-attack on the computer systems of the city of Aurora, IL
Question 28
True or False? The FBI's role in cyber defense is primarily focused on investigating computer intrusion issues related to crime.
Question 29
A cyber-attack would rise to the level of cyber warfare if committed by which entity?
A. China
B. Taliban
C. White supremacy group
D. Al Qaeda
Question 30
Following 9-11, what was discovered as one of the primary obstacles to adequate emergency communications?
A. Lack of compatible technology
B. Too many people communicating at once
C. Lack of development in technology
D. Political influences
Question 31
Roughly how big is the United States northern border with Canada?
A. 4,525 miles
B. Approximately 1,701 miles
C. Over 5,000 miles
D. Roughly 3,000 miles
Question 32
The Transportation Security Administration created in what year?
A. 2001
B. 2002
C. 2007
D. 2005
Question 33
True or False? The top 50 ports in the United States account for roughly 90 percent of all tonnage.
Question 34
True or False? General aviation aircraft to not necessarily have to file flight plans prior to takeoff.
Question 35
Roughly how many cargo and passenger terminals are there in the United States?
A. 300
B. 3,700
C. 1,000
D. 2,400

Question 36
Despite the varying differences in the definitions of the term, “terrorism,” there are five elements that typically appear in the different definitions. Name three of them

Question 37
There are six primary advantages of using Unified Command. Name three of them.

Question 38
Why are large-scale chemical attacks difficult to accomplish.

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Question 1: The answer is Floods
Question 2: The answer is Ted Robert Gurr
Question 3: The answer is Very early A.D.
Question 4: The answer is False
Question 5: The answer is Group...

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