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LLB Intellectual Property Law
Copyright, Designs and IP Enforcement
‘There is now a harmonised originality concept in all member states of the European Union for all literary works, being that the work needs to be the result of the author's own intellectual creation.’
Critically discuss this statement, taking into consideration the relevant European and UK case law and the literature.
MAXIMUM 1,500 WORDS. Must include: table of contents, footnotes and bibliography. The footnotes will count towards the word limit, but the table of contents and bibliography should not be included in the word limit.

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The European Union (EU) was created with the intention to achieve economic integration among the then five Member States who signed the Treaty of Rome in 1956. Now, the EU has a membership of Twenty Seven States and a wide internal market that regulates and affects the national laws as well as the economic progress of each individual Member State. It is due to this very reason that the European Community (EC) law is inexplicitly given a primacy over national laws.
The growth in the significance of information as an economic commodity has led to a large number of case laws regarding intellectual property and copyright to be a concern of the European Community, especially with regard to competition and free trade of goods within the internal market of the EU. An important principle of EC with...

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