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Using the site Crime Mapping, your goal is to use evidence from at least one outside source to help analyze why you think a specific type of crime (for example, DUI) either occurs, or does not occur, with frequency in certain parts of Charlotte. In addition, discuss any groups who may find this information useful. You may choose any category of crime. Type a 400 word summary of your information. Be sure to provide a citation for your source(s).

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In the area around S. Alexander Street and E. Trade Street, the frequency of crime is very low. In particular, there is no recorded incidence of Vehicle break-in category of crime as indicted by the crime map. In fact, it is worth noting that the only crime recorded here is an incident of disturbing public peace. It is important to use theories of crime to examine the area and determine why there is no incidence of motor vehicle break in in the area along the...

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