Analyze the sources of Administrative Law in South Africa.

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Analyze the sources of Administrative Law in South Africa.

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Administrative law in South Africa is the branch of public law whose function is to regulate and govern public administration. This branch of the public law regulates and governs the institutions that manage the welfare of the public at the national, provincial, and local levels and includes such institutions and organizations as the police, military, and others (Baxter 2000). It can be seen that the administrative law of south Africa falls well within the general definition of administrative law as explained by Weicher, which states that “the administrative law is a body of legal rules that govern the organization, administration, functions as well as powers of authorities that are established to administer public affairs in a given country or state” (Baxter 2000).
The administrative law in the country is part of the Constitution of Republic of South Africa, Act 108 of 1996, which makes the country a “constitutional democracy”. As such, it implies that the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa is the highest law in the country (Hoexter 2012). As in many other countries around the world, the administrative law of South Africa is derived from four main sources- the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, the common law, and the statute law (Hoexter 2012). However, in the case of South Africa, the administrative law is also derived from international/foreign laws borrowed from other countries during the establishment of the Constitution after the 1994 elections that made the country a democracy. Therefore, this paper will examine the four sources of administrative law in the Republic of South Africa.
The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa...

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