Question #1 (answer in no more than 1 paragraph)11
State A is having a devastating internal civil war that is having a direct impact upon the affairs of the other countries in the region. As a consequence of the civil war, grave human rights violations are taking place. The Secretary General of the United Nations (UN) decides on his own to use his good offices in order to try and resolve the crisis in State A. However, State A disputes the intervention of the Secretary General arguing that the civil war is an internal conflict instead of an international issue. State A and all the countries in the region are members of the United Nations.
Can the UN Secretary General carry out his good offices despite State A’s assertion that there is no international issue at stake? Yes/No/Why?

Question #2 (answer in no more than 1 paragraph)
The United States provides financial, technological, and military support to Israel. In addition, the US publicly considers Israel a strategic ally.
Can the United States carry out duties (perform, be, play the role, act as) of mediator in the conflict between Israel and Palestine? Yes/No/Why?

Question #3 (answer in no more than two paragraphs)
What are the advantages and disadvantages of good offices or mediation as a dispute settlement mechanism compared with negotiation?

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Question #1:

Yes the UN Secretary General can carry out his good offices despite State A’s assertion, because his intervention is on the basis of the UN Charter (Articles 97 and 99), a document signed and ratified by all the states in the region including State A. Article 99 of the UN especially focuses on powers given to the Secretary General in cases of matters that can threaten the maintenance of international peace and security. The interventions of the UN Secretary General that happened in the past clearly show that human rights violations constitute a threat to maintenance of international peace and security. As grave human rights violations are taking place in the State A, the Secretary General can intervene despite State A claims that the ongoing civil war is an internal conflict with no significance to international peace and security. In addition the Secretary General can call upon the doctrine of inherent and implied powers of the competence of Secretary General to exercise good offices that have developed to be a rule of customary law within the United Nations....
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