1) You run a large and lucrative bar and restaurant, and you have just hired a new bouncer. You have explained to him that it is always best to be friendly and to calm angry patrons. Describe to him how far he can go to protect himself if attacked, and why he must learn to control himself when provoked.

Explain also how his behavior, if he assaults a patron, could affect you

2) What is the legal effect of a counter offer?

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Question #1

The bouncer must only react to protect himself when he is under attack or the attacker is being vicious and provokes attacks. He must only react in a case of necessity. One of the most common cases of necessity is self-defense, when the attacked responds with force to the attacker. Self defense must be done just in a case when the attacked (bouncer) is defending himself or the owner of the bar and restaurant, his property or the property of the restaurant.

If there is a case where the bouncer has to apply force in an act of self defense by no means he should use excessive force as that constitutes an assault (battery). He should also know that he cannot protect himself from attack with another attack if there is another way to settle the issue with the patron. The use of force in a case of self defense should not be disproportionate to the force used by the attacker....
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