1.) Why did the North win the Civil War?

2.) What event or person in American History between 1492-1877 do you think most shaped American History? Why? Be sure you are explaining WHY you think the person or event shaped American History.

Your initial answer to the question should be between 300 words long (per question). Include references and citations to ensure proper credit and documentation of your sources in Chicago Style format. Citations will not count toward your post word length.

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The North won the Civil War, because they had more resources, including finances, food, transportation, and people,   as well as a stable government. It also received international support to help boost its finances. The North was technologically more advanced, as it was in the beginning stages of the Industrial Revolution. The South had fewer resources, including finances and population. Its economy was dependent upon agriculture, which put it at great disadvantage. Its government was new and full of internal dissent. And the South was devoted to maintaining the status quo in the time when the Industrial Revolution was...
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