Select a fiction writer from Literature, an Introduction to Reading and Writing. It would be smart to select a writer who appears to interest you. In a library, review material written about the author, critical reviews, biographies, critical analyses. These may be found in books, Journals, Reviews, collections of excerpts such as by Gale Publishers, and EPCC library data bases. Restrict use of databases to those by Gale. Do not use EBSCO HOST for now. Look for a pattern about the criticism and develop a specific topic. For example, after looking at publications about author Earnest Hemingway, you may notice that many critics have things to say about his frequent portrayal of violence. This could be a topic: “The Use of Violent Situations in the Fiction of Earnest Hemingway.” Next, select six titles from your review of literary criticism that includes information or ideas that speak directly about the topic you have developed. Then compile an annotated bibliography of these titles (see A Writer’s Reference, Hacker). Each annotation should describe scope, purpose, and content of the source and make a judgment about its relevance to the topic, limited to two sentences. The annotation should use a descriptive style, one that describes what is accomplished by the article or relevant portion of text.

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Man’s often conflicting pursuit of self and spiritual discovery as portrayed by Herman Hesse

Hesse, Hermann. Gertrude. New York: Picador, 2005.

Originally published in 1910, Gertrude begins Hesse’s lifelong literary attempt to capture human’s often conflicting pursuit of self and spiritual discovery which he chooses to initiate with a memoir of a composer, Kuhn. Gertrude is Kuhn’s muse whom he never captures because she falls in love with Kuhn’s friend, ending in ruin for her, but inspiring Kuhn to create the opera that will become the hallmark of his career....

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