Write a paper on the limits of language in As I Lay Dying, Absalom, Absalom, Song of Solomon, A Mercy by William Faulkner and Toni Morrison.

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This work analyses the limitations of language in the works of the American writers -Noble Laureate William Faulkner and Toni Morrison. Two works of Faulkner- Absalom Absalom and As I Lay Dying are carefully studied for this purpose. Also Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon and A Mercy are also analysed. References from these novels are provided in the work to make it more vivid and understandable.

Nobel Laureate William Faulkner usually sets his novel in a mythical county created by him which he names as Yoknapatawpha.The novel ‘Absalom Absalom’ which is set in the same background is a complex detective novel. It can also be considered a social tragedy as it revolves around the themes of legacy, legitimacy and racial prejudice. Here Faulkner has used a multiple narrator technique. Thevoices in the novel speak from different point of view analysing the life and character of Thomas Sutpen, the protagonist in the novel. The novel begins with the narration of Rosa Cornfields. She seems to be very frustrated and her negative feelings about Sutpen is very well portrayed by Faulkner, through his use of colourful, romantic, imaginative language.The beautiful, stark language used to enhance the narrative structure is very clear in the beginning of the novel where the story is unfolded by Rosa Cornfields,
“It seems that this demon—his name was Sutpen—(Colonel Sutpen)—Colonel Sutpen. Who came out of nowhere and without warning upon the land and with a band of strange niggers and built a plantation—(Tore violently a plantation, Miss Rosa Coldfield says)—tore violently. And married her sister Ellen and begot a son and a daughter which—(Without gentleness begot, Miss Rosa Coldfield says)—without gentleness....

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