Limitations of Language in the Works of William Faulkner and Toni Morrison (2910 words)

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Write a short paper on the limits of language in As I Lay Dying, Absalom, Absalom, Song of Solomon, A Mercy, and Jazz by William Faulkner and Toni Morrison.
The paper should be about 12-14 pages. It should have quotes from the novels and examples. it is a research paper so it should have research and information as well and a bibliography please.

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This work analyses the limitations of language in the works of the American writers -Noble Laureate William Faulkner and Toni Morrison. Two works of Faulkner- Absalom Absalom and As I Lay Dying are carefully studied for this purpose. Also Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon and A Mercy are also analysed. References from these novels are provided in the work to make it more vivid and understandable. We will also bring about our analysis of the writings of these Nobel Laureates.
Jazz is a historical novel written in the year 1992by an American Nobel prize winner Author named Toni Morrison. It is based on the African-American history which starts with a beloved and ends with the Paradise. The major themes of the novel are: music of Jazz and Purgatory. This novel is based on the story of sales man who moves from door to door for selling his products named Joe. In the 1926’s winter Joe killed his lover who was a teenager. Joe’s wife attacks the girl’s corpse at the time of her funeral. This entire story is based on love, obsession, hopes, and emotions and shows the realities in depth of the urban life of the black people. We can say that there is a very good writing in the novel which meets a story which is compelling. The biggest strength of Toni Morrison in this and various other novels written by him are that he is not at all related with the blacks or the story that he has written but he could very well expressed himself in that situation. Like in Jazz he has expressed the emotions, love, fear and various other attributes with ease being not a black and living in Michigan. Similarly in Songs of Solomon, Toni Morrison has introduced the inhabitants of the black world without experiencing the idea of their life. In this research we will discuss on the two authors Toni Morrison and William Faulkner who have written various novels and their novels are indications of the language limitations. William Faulkner also received several Nobel Prizes for almost all the novels that he wrote in his times. As Toni was criticized for her novels similarly even William was also criticised for few of the works written by him. He had been honoured for the various works like: A Fable and The Reviers and government of United States took out a postage stamp of 22 cents in the year 1987 in his name.
About William Faulkner
He is an American writer and Nobel Prize winner from Oxford Mississippi. He has done works in various forms like...
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