Write a research paper about the movie M butterfly. It's the 1993 version with Jeremy Irons and John Lone. It needs to be 12-14 pages and have a bibliography. It should be about the characters and themes motifs etc.. also about the time period and chinese diaspora.

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M. Butterfly
M. Butterfly was released on 1st October 1993; the cast of the movie was - Jeremy Irons as Rene Gallimard, John Lone as Song Liling, and Ian Richardson as Ambassador Toulon. The movie was directed by Mr. David Cronenberg, produced by Gabriella Martinelli and screen writer of the movie is David Henry Hwang. M. Butterfly had an emotional theme which was surrounded by the genre of drama and romance. The length of the movie was 101 minutes. The name of the movie is taken up from its central character Madame Butterfly (Lone). The film is based on the play written by David Henry Hwang. M. Butterfly is based on a true love story which happened between a French diplomat and an opera performer, which stunned the world. The story flows and create linkages between terrific political work of older days which after sometimes become clean and clear. The story opens in a prison cell where Gallimard is imprisoned in the jail by French government and he is also imprisoned by his own thoughts which are illusionary and his fantasy too.
The basis of the movie is orientalism, and fantasy of Mr. Gallimard about the orient women or as we call it eastern women. Orientalism is a form used by the western people to describe people of eastern world. It is a way to describe the culture and characteristics of people and culture of Asia. It is based on the fantasy that the western culture has about the eastern culture women and how they treat their men, the way they obey their masters, the kind of love they make, the explicit and implicit of eastern culture which is reflected in the nature and upbringing of the eastern Asian women. The crux of the movie lies in the explanation of Orientalism, which has given a distinct meaning to it. It has stated that the orientalism is destructive yet it is also self destructive also. It destroyed the 20 year old love affair of Gallimard and Song and a suicide of Gallimard, which is self destruction of people’s life.

Gallimard was obsessed by the fictions and stories he had read and visualised with his friends that orient women are best to a western man, they want to lose themselves to western man. So, when he was posted to china he was happy and glad that his fantasy about the oriental Chinese women will come true. On meeting Song Liling, Gallimard was so influenced and mesmerised by her presence and performance that he denied all facts and started to live his fantasy life with Liling.
Gallimard was orientalist as he used to see and live the feelings he thought about oriental women. There was a reason which made Gallimard and his alike think in the manner they fantasised about the Chinese women. In earlier days, Asian women did not have freedom as compared to the western women. They were solely dependent on their husbands and masters, yet the Asian women were easily attracted to western men because they were rich, influential and powerful. It was a two way exchange, the western men were able to fulfil their fantasies and the eastern women were able to get money, power and sophisticated society.
It was quite evidenced to the audience that Orientalism consists of a no. of things...
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