1. Watch the video in Course Materials, Gilgamesh, "Invitation to World Literature - Gilgamesh." Choose ONE speaker in the video whose information you found the most interesting or helpful in understanding The Epic of Gilgamesh. Summarize in three or four sentences the information given by that speaker that was helpful to you. Use at least one direct quote. Total of five sentences.

2. Study the other background material on Gilgamesh and give the dates (estimated) that this epic was written, and its place of origin. Look elsewhere if necessary to find information on Mesopotamia and Sumeria, and give a brief definition and location of these two. Go to "Doug Linder: In the Beginning. Read Section 1, "In the Beginning: Two Stories of Creation." Quote one or two sentences that you find the most useful in understanding Genesis. Explain why they help you. Don't write more than one paragraph on this!

3. Search the Internet for a useful NON-RELIGIOUS or faith-based Web site that helps you understand and enjoy The Book of Exodus.

5. Summarize briefly important information found in Focus on Writing about the thesis statement. What, is a thesis statement? What goes into writing an effective thesis statement. Use at least one direct quote from the video about thesis statements. 3-4 sentences

6. Regarding research papers. What is a primary source? What is a secondary source?

7. Explain in your own words what "MLA Citation Style" is. Include your own words defining "citation," and explain why writers must cite sources. Explain what "parenthetical citation" is, and explain what a Works Cited page is. Be sure to include information on how a writer must organize the information on a Works Cited page, i.e., do you number your entries? Alphabetize them? Use bullet points?

8. Explain in your own words the importance of annotating your reading assignments. Use at least one direct quote from anything you find in "Help With Reading" on annotating.

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1.   Chris White showed me that the Epic of Gilgamesh is still relevant today and reappears in many stories throughout the ages. It was even in Star Trek, described as “one of the oldest stories on this planet [Earth].” His musical version made it easy to remember the events from the story and his images of Gilgamesh and Enkidu helped make the characters real, showing how they change each other. He also seemed to be excited about the characters with helped get me excited about them too. He teaches teenagers about the story, so he was able to explain it on a level that made it easy to understand.

2. The Epic of Gilgamesh was written in Mesopotamia in the the 2100 BCE. Sumaria is the earliest civilization to settle...

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