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With regards to the play Othello, poet W. H. Auden (1907–1973) famously remarked of Desdemona, “Everybody must pity Desdemona, but I cannot bring myself to like her.” Carefully evaluate this statement by examining Desdemona’s character. You can explore issues of gender, gender roles, social constraints on gender, and the like. Feel free to include other women depicted in the play as part of your discussion, if needed. If you find Auden’s statement either inaccurate or incomplete, specifically describe why you feel that Desdemona is simply someone to be pitied and nothing more.

In addition to using specific quotes from the story or stories, you should utilize at least one additional outside, credible source.
Essays must be in MLA format.

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Desdemona was an aristocratic woman who believed that she should gain a greater role in her personal affairs due to her social status. During Elizabethan times, women were expected to fill a subordinate role to the men in their lives (their father and/or husband). As a result, Desdemona was considered to be in violation of the social mores of the time when she spoke out for greater self-determination in her own affairs due to her mad love for Othello....

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