Analyzing any two dialogues within Lucian’s “Dialogues of the Gods” explain what, in your opinion, is Lucian’s view of the gods?

Discuss. Make sure to include at least four small quotations/examples from the dialogues.

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Lucian’s View of the Gods

Lucian of Samosata was an ancient satirist writer and a rhetorician who was born around the year 125 A.D. in the town of Samosata (area of what is today Syria). The little information that is known on the chronology of Lucians life comes from the allusions in his work which was published during the rule of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius between 161-180 A.D. (Marsh). Lucian moved from Samosata to Athens around 156 where he regularly visited the Olympic Games. 6 years later, he moved to Antioch only to continue his journey to Egypt. In Alexandria, Lucian served the role of a Roman official between 171- 175. It is believed that Lucian died during the first few years of Commodu’s rule somewhere between 180 and 192. There are around 80 known works of Lucian which are mainly written in the form of short dialogues and essays. Lucian’s satiric or serious work samples cover a wide range of topics and literary genres. The themes in Lucian’s works are mainly connected with the rich cultural heritage of the classical Greek period (Marsh).
In this paper, I shall analyze 2 dialogues form Lucian’s “Dialogue of the Gods” and try to answer the question how Lucian views gods.
The Greek Gods
In order to start the analysis and understand Lucian’s view of the gods, I believe that it is very important to first answer the question what or who the ancient Greek gods are. Some contemporary theologists may argue that answering the question about god should come from the hearth and not from the head because god is more than a sole embodiment of a religion. However, in Ancient Greece gods were seen as an important part of everyday life and almost as members of communities. Many human activities revolved around...

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