Do some research and write a paper about Private or Public Identity. What builds a public or private identity?

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A private identity is one that an individual withholds from broadcasting to the world at large. It can be seen as the ‘back stage’ (Wilson) of one’s identity. A public identity is front and centre; the personality one uses to interact with the world. A private self is therefore governed solely by the individual as sovereign, whereas a public self looks to society at large for reception (Adler). The extent one expresses their public and private self thus is a reflection of how they see those they interact with. The public self is reserved for those that are not so close to the individual, whereas the private self is for those that can be trusted (Baumeister). Thus a sense of space is pivotal to the formation of one’s identity and its boundaries. This construction of identity creates within it many opportunities for inner and outer self to separate from one another...

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