Do a close reading of Addie's section in As I Lay Dying. Take it almost line by line and analyze what she says about language there. Just write a running commentary. Then try to summarize at the end what her theory of language is.

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In the first paragraph, Addie is associated with the word „quiet“. Although Addie will indeed be as still as the grave for the overwhelming majority of As I Lay Dying, her connection with not only blood and death but also the earth, heading downhill to escape the schoolchildren to dampened and rotting loam, is highlighted as well. In fact, in the second paragraph, Addie hates her father for “planting” her in the world. Interestingly, despite her vivid sense of violation in having children, she does not blame her mother – most likely this is because of the foundational relationship she has with her father, based on corporal punishment, and the view that the children she bears are Anse’s. Her flowing blood at her father’s hand closely mirrors in turn...

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