Read the story Hill like White Elephant by Ernest Hemingway. Write an outline and an analysis. This analysis of literature has to be your own idea and creative and only use evidence from the book only.

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‘Hills like white elephants’ by Ernest Hemingway is an exceptional story narrated through symbolism and setting. The story, which takes place in Spain within a train station, gyrates around a woman and a man who seemingly are in a tough situation. Although a significant portion of the story is mostly dialogue, the conversation between the two reveals a conflict of views on the issue of abortion that faces them. Using the setting and symbolism, the “Hills like White Elephants” corrects the common conception that pregnancy is always a blessing and joy for people and as such, it succeeds in bringing people closer together. A wretched account of life lessons that adhere to such assumption makes it impossible for a person to envisage the full range of effects arising from unintended pregnancy.
The author uses setting to manifest the conflicts and tensions brought about by the pregnancy. Hemingway says, “The American and the girl with him sat at a table in the shade, outside the building. It was...

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