For the book ROOM by Emma Donogue please prepare characterization (how are Ma, Jack, old Nick, the minor characters) developed throughout the book and summaries of the following themes as they relate to the book:
1. adapting to a new reality (both for Ma in the beginning and Jack in the end,
2. human ingenuity (i.e. ma found and ingenuous way to raise jack and survive in house and then to escape)
3. experiences (both Jack and Mahave unique expereinces in and out of house)
4. identities
5. love,
6. real vs. unreal world etc.

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Characterization, development – Ma
- More so than for Jack, the character of Ma can be seen to have an arc – as a kidnap victim and captive, she begins the story in a literally fixed/limited position; Jack’s 5th birthday serves to highlight/remind that her situation and that of her son are truly terrible; she understandably slips into a few days (only!) of deep depression, but then comes out of it steeled and ready to attempt escape; the escape succeeds, but then Ma is slammed with the reality of having been captive for so many years, which is also not helped by the strained family life she finds with her mother, stepfather, and father; she attempts suicide; but then she comes out of it determined to make things work for her son and for herself
- Resilience and dedication – probably the best ways to characterize Ma – because of how much she endured for such a long time while yet holding on to enough of herself to be an effective mother to Jack and then to concoct their escape
- As with Jack’s duality of soaring and struggling just as any child does, there is a parallel with Ma’s character because she too is barely more than a child herself (having been kidnapped at 19) - but yet Ma manages to be a mother to Jack wholeheartedly – for example, day in and day out, she kept Jack active and learning, and, in the most extreme circumstances, managed to raise a highly intelligent, strong kid
- Staggeringly brave, as exemplified toward the end of the book when she absolutely does not want to go inside the Room again but does so for Jack’s sake
Characterization, development – Jack
- As a child character presented over a relatively brief span of time, not a typical character development arc...

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