Internship Expos Essay
Ho and Turkle seem to talk about radically different topics, but they also share some surprising similarities: an exploration of ‘intelligence,’ an interest in how social bonds or connections are created, etc. One of the most surprising connections, though, is the most general--namely, the idea that ordinary actions like job-hunting and playing with toys are situated in what Ho calls a “web of ideologies” (167). For this essay, think about the webs of ideology that both authors illustrate by addressing the following question: What is the relationship between the “robotic moment” described by Turkle and the obsession with “smartness” observed by Ho (Turkle 471, Ho 167)?

Questions to think about (not to be answered as a laundry list):
-How, exactly, does Ho define ‘smartness’? What behaviors and attitudes characterize it?
-What behaviors and attitudes count as part of Turkle’s ‘robotic moment’?
-How might you think about one thing having a ‘relationship’ with something else? Does it necessarily entail one thing causing the other? What other possibilities exist?
-What do you make of the seemingly massive contrasts between the two articles? Two random examples: Is there elitism in Turkle? Is there evidence of a ‘bionic sensibility’ in Ho?

Font: Times New Roman
Size: 12
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Margins: 1”
Header: MLA
Citation Style: MLA
Length: Four-Page Rough Draft, Five-Page Final Draft
Due Date: Consult Syllabus

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In the book titled “Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other”, the author talks about the robots and the fact that the people have come to accept them as part of their lives. In this regard, Sherry Turkle asserts that the people, from the time that the use of internet started to be common, embraced the use of robots to the extent that that they normally use them to get the kind of life that they would like to live. This implies that the author is trying to make it seen as if the idea of robots, which have been made possible by the internet is very crucial.

Alternatively, the book titled “Biography of hegemony” by Karen Ho talks about the Wall Street, which is one banking institution very much obsessed with the way that the smart people need to be. As pointed out by the author in the book, the Wall Street believes that the smart people, and those who are talented would always make things work best for the institutions. To this extent, the author observes that the banking institutions in the Wall Street often liars with a number of universities where they tend to get some bright and smart students before they graduate....

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