Literature Analysis: the play is Tartuffe
1). What is funny about the first scene?
2). How is Orgon characterized at his first scene?
3). How does Cleante function as a foil to Orgon?
4). How is Dorine characterized in Act II, scenes 1-3?
5.) How does the comic scene between Valere and Mariane advance the themes of the play?
6.) How is Damis characterized in Act III, scene I?
7.) What ironies are involved in Tartuffe's character, as it is presented in Act III, scenes 2-3?
8.) How are Elmire and her son Damis contrasted in Act III, scene 4-7?
9.) How does Valere's behavior in V.6 contrast with Tartuffe?
10.) What are the implications of the Officer's last minute rescue of the family?

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In the first scene, it is funny that Madame Pernelle is the only one who cannot see through the hypocrite that is Tartuffe. She instead views him as the ultimate Christian whose upright way of life reminds the other characters of their sinful lives. It is funny that she cannot see through this hypocrisy despite it being so obvious to the rest of the characters in the play.
In his first scene, Orgon is portrayed as a gullible character whose desire to live a religious has led to him being totally deceived by Tartuffe. In the first scene, the audience is already introduced to Madame Pernelle and sees how Tartuffe has deceived her. It is thus quite shocking to see that Orgon has been deceived...

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