1st assignment: Needs to be 800 words. Read the following: Cather's   "Neighbor Rosicky"   (1841); Frost's "The Road Not Taken" (1887) and "Desert Places" (1891); Sandburg's "Chicago" (1917) and "Grass" (1918); Fitzgerald't s "Babylon Revisited" (2143); O'Neil's Long Day's Journey into Night (2005); and Hughes' "The Negro Speaks of Rivers" (2227), "I, Too" (2228), and "Song for a Dark Girl" (2229). Be sure to read the introductions to each of the authors, make a case that this work does or does not belong in the American literature canon for a course like ours, a college survey course of American writers.

2nd assignment: Needs to be 300 words. Pick a work from this week’s readings other than the one selected for use in essay four. Explain how this work demonstrates an effort to engage with and make sense of the challenges of the modern world.

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A critical analysis of Carl Sandburg’s Poem, ‘’Chicago’’
Carl Sandburg’s poem ‘’Chicago'' is considered one of the best known American literary works of the 20th century. Based on countless anthologies, Sandburg, in this poem, managed to descript Chicago as the ‘’city of big shoulders’’ while celebrating its contribution and its role in the United States as the industrial capital and the center of the massive industrialization. Like in many other literary works, which were produced after the American civil war, the poem is written more realistically and naturally, with the author describing Chicago and its people for the way it is. As noted by Gordon following the frustrations of the civil war and the economic depression that followed, the American literature took a more realistic and natural turn (12)

Modern World’s Challenges as Demonstrated by Frost In ‘’Desert Places’’
Thanks to the modern world and its technological developments, human beings have adopted problems that were never in existence some decades back. Before the current technological developments and the so-called globalization, life was simple; people could run to neighbors, or friends for assistance, even for the little...
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