Read Thoreau’s “Resistance to Civil Government”.
Literary canons are formed by people. Scholars, critics, historians, writers, college professors, school boards, concerned citizens, etc. are all the time making judgments about what works should be included in anthologies, what works should be labeled as "classics," and what works should be fundamental to an understanding of the American experience and will appear in great/classic books courses or reading lists. The point to remember is that people make these decisions, and over time works move in and out of the canon as tastes, attitudes, and outlooks evolve.
Make a case that this work does or does not belong in the American literature canon for a course like ours, a college survey course of American writers. Needs to be 800 words.

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A critical analysis of Thoreau’s essay
Thoreau’s “Resistance to Civil Government” presents a concerted argument that people should never allow the government to weaken or dominate their moralities. In addition to this, the text points out that people, as citizens, should suppress the government from exercising such acquiescence as failing to do so makes individuals become agents of injustice. Since the work by Thoreau meets the various elements of what makes great literature, it is appropriate to claim that his essay indeed belongs to the American literature canon for a course like ours, a collegiate survey of the American writers.
One of the essential characteristics of a college survey course of American writers is that it challenges the dominant ideology. In line with Theodor

Classifying a narrative
Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Rappaccini's Daughter” follows the story of Giacomo Rappaccini, a medical scientist who has a garden containing poisonous plants. Rappaccini's daughter usually tends to these plants, while doing so; she has developed resistance to the poisons. Consequently, she...
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