Write a paper about Data Collection, Measurement And Data Quality In The NINR Studies. Make sure to include the following details:
--Did the researchers develop their own measures, or did they use instruments or scales that were developed by others? Is there discussion on the testing of the tools (psychometric properties)?
--Describe and critique the procedures used to collect data in the studies. --Were adequate steps taken to ensure the highest possible quality of data?
--What was the measurement level of the variables? Do you think it was adequate?

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In the study of Harell et al. (1996) the authors measured different variables by using triangulation of data collection methods. They used a mix of self-report and biophysiologic measures approach, which is highly desirable in research (Polit & Beck, 2014). A structured self-report method in the form of questionnaire was used for obtaining parental education, race of the child, physical activity and health knowledge. For parental education and race the authors develop their own instrument in the form of questionnaire without reported details in the article but with a note that it is available on request from authors (Harrell et al., 1996). For physical activity measurement the authors used an adapted survey develop by others (Oaks, Warren, & Harsha, 1987). For the health knowledge assessment the authors created new instrument...
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