Book Comparison - I Would Have Loved Him if I Had Not Killed Him & The White Castle(1660 words)

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Comparison of Two Works (5 pages) 12 font , Times New Roman , Double spaced

For this essay, you should compare two course works: "I Would Have Loved Him if I Had Not Killed Him" and "The White Castle". There are many different approaches you could take to compare the works: thematic, aesthetic, contextual, etc. 
Step One: Take notes about thematic and stylistic elements that you think are important in each of the texts you are considering. You should also take down important quotes that you think you might use in the essay. 
Step Two: Compare your notes and make observations about similarities and differences between the various stories. 
Step Three: Make a decision about whether you are going to be emphasizing points of similarity or of difference in your essay. (Keep in mind that it is possible to write an essay that incorporates both similarities and differences.) Write a tentative thesis about your main comparative conclusions. 
Step Four: Decide how to organize your various supporting arguments (you’ll need to decide if you are going to discuss one text in full before the other or if you are going to interweave comments about the two texts throughout the paper.). You might want to use an outline to help you with this. 
Step Five: Integrate quotation and paraphrases into the essay to provide support for your argument. Keep in mind that you will not be able to integrate as much textual detail from each text as you can for the other two essays, so you need to be more selective about your choices of textual support. 
Step Six: As you write the essay, make sure that you are using your comparison essay to say something significant about the writers’ purposes in their respective works.

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Edgard T. Ribeiro and Orhan Pamuk use similar techniques to convey their widely different stories. In both books, the authors create a riveting narrative. Ribeiro’s is mostly first-person, but shifts into third person when Ribeiro tells us the story of great aunt Guilhermina, who begins the story as a 14-year old girl forced into a wedding with a plantation owner who is old enough to be her grandfather. Ribeiro’s story is based in the 20th century, while Pamuk’s story resembles more of a historical fiction based in the 17th century when the Ottoman Empire was at the apex of its power. Ribeiro writes about Brazilians from a personal perspective, while Pamuk’s main character, an Italian captured during the Battle of Naples, attempts to integrate himself into Turkish society by disguising himself as a doctor. The most striking contrast between the two novels involves...

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